New Concept Staffing, can help YOUR business find the best, most qualified hire.

New Concept Staffing placement specialties include

*Accounting and Finance

*Administrative Office Support


*Call Center



*Customer Service

*Data Entry

*Laboratory Assistants

*Legal Administrative

*Medical Administrative



*Special Projects

*Word Processing

*Accounting and Finance

The Process

Once you have spoken with our Executive Recruiter, Marci Shackleton, and committed to the New Concept Staffing terms and conditions, we will begin our search from our pool of applicants. We will begin to send you resumes and interviews almost immediately. New Concept Staffing candidates are interviewed in depth and computer-tested to guarantee that your employee will have the skills and experience to be an asset to your business. New Concept Staffing screens and approves the applicants before sending them to you for interviews because your time is valuable.

If we find you the right candidate, we offer Temporary employees, Temporary-To-Hire employees and Direct Hire employees.


This hiring option enables you to fill a position or find coverage for an employee leave, maternity leave, vacation gap, special projects, or any other period of time.

Fee Structure: New Concept Staffing invoices per hour through a weekly invoice based on the bill rate decided upon through agreed-upon contract.

Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your New Concept Staffing temporary hire within the first four hours, there will be no charge.

Temporary To Hire

This hiring option enables you (the client) to try a candidate out in a position provisionally before hiring them on as a full-time employee. This is our most sought-after option and is widely recommended by our clientele. It gives you the flexibility to end employment at any time (with valid reasoning) without dealing with repercussions.

Fee Structure: New Concept Staffing invoices per hour through a weekly invoice based on the bill rate decided upon through agreed-upon contract.

Guarantee: After your New Concept Staffing candidate works 520 hours (part-time) or 720 hours (full-time), you are able to hire them on as a full employee with no conversion fee (based on full payment of outstanding invoices).

Direct Hire

This hiring option enables you to hire the employee on without a waiting or trial period .

Fee Structure: New Concept Staffing charges 20% of the candidate’s first year salary, due 10 days after the candidate begins employment.

Guarantee: If employment ends less than 30 working days from the first day of work, regardless of reason, New Concept Staffing will place a new candidate with no additional fee or we offer a 90 days prorated guarantee.

Additional Services By-Client Request:

Customized skills testing
Drug, Background and Credit Checks

 Onsite Confidential Interviewing
Payroll Service

Benefits of Choosing New Concept Staffing:

Qualified and Tested Candidates
Payroll Services
Personalized Services

Professional References
Fast Response Time

Professional Knowledge of Local Business Climate

*Please note that each temporary employee will submit a weekly timecard. This is a contractual agreement signed by you, the employer. The New Concept Staffing timecard, when signed, is an approval of the terms of the conditions of each assignment.